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As "The Home of the Health Reset Clicker," we utilize the most advanced low force instrument procedures for returning your spinal and other structures toward normal to allow your body to start healing itself. For information on the procedures we are utilizing, you can go online and investigate Activator, Neuromechanical (Impulse), Applied Kinesiology, and Pain Neutralization.

If you are hesitant or afraid to be "cracked," this might be your answer. We use an instrument to adjust spinal bones – neck (headaches) between the shoulders and lower back, pelvis, as well as shoulders (rotator cuff), wrists (carpal tunnel) legs (sciatica), hands, arms, knees, shins, ankles, feet, and etc. WITHOUT THE CRACKING. We adjust children through seniors.

Our objective is to test your spine and nervous system to determine if the areas that are involved could be the cause of the health problems, pain, restricted movement, headaches, back pain, leg pain, shoulder pain or any pain areas or organ dysfunction like kidney, stomach, bowel or any area of dysfunction. Contact us today!

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